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503-820-02671 comment
Calls but never leaves a message - Convergent collections - but comes up as Concord Locksmith or a Transmission company if Googled.
about 9 hours ago
613-714-50981 comment
They called pretending they were the police
about 13 hours ago
504-541-95931 comment
Receiving sexually explicit text from this number
about 19 hours ago
855-886-35801 comment
They have been calling my multiple times per day mostly blank calls. Sometimes they leave a message claiming ti be a collections agency. I have called them back several times. Once there was loud music in the back ground. Once a guy answered and told me to get lost and hung up. On another occassion the person on the other end wanted my personal information including my birthdate. I asked them t...
1 day ago
330-892-99101 comment
I received a several voicemail messages to call 330.892.9910 - saying that it was very important that I call them back regarding my electric billing. They gave me a reference #.
1 day ago
305-985-29721 comment
I was called from this number about a loan. Money was deposited into my account and they had me with draw it and send it back to them. I just received an email stating that another amount has been sent. I know that PayPal does that
1 day ago
888-695-05552 comments
A voicemail message was left on my cell phone on Sept. 20, 2018, stating I needed to renew my windows key and that I needed to call immediately. Which I answered on the 23rd at 9:42pm because I hadn’t checked my voicemails recently. I called a total of 5 times and each time my call was cancelled. Since I new nothing about a windows key I blocked the number from my cell phone immediately.
2 days ago
866-584-74211 comment
This number claims to cancel a subscription to to A scam I fell for when a pop up for an amazon gift card celebrating their 23rd aniversary popped up when I was at the comcast web site.
4 days ago
408-601-98704 comments
Recorded message threatened to suspend my bank accounts. Recording demanded I call back immediately.
4 days ago
813-703-86141 comment
Why would Mci call me. I have no interest in them and don't care what they do unless they help the desperate people of the Carolinas, and don't forget Puerto Rico!
5 days ago
316-768-82832 comments
Carmen20 Sep 2018 De este numero me llaman muchas veces todos los dias,cuando mi telefono va a mensajeria ,dejan un mensaje en sulencio es muy molesto y no tengo idea quien pueda ser.
5 days ago
316-768-82832 comments
De este numero me llaman muchas veces to DC os los dias,cuando mi telefono va a mensajeria ,dejan un mensaje en sulencio es muy molesto y no tengo idea quien pueda ser.
5 days ago
872-215-26551 comment
BEWARE!!!!!!!!!! FRAUD!!! This number was used to fraudulently access customer's checking account and successfully withdraw funds from it.
6 days ago
877-795-24891 comment
They are trying to collect a debt for a payday loan.
6 days ago
911-036-12901 comment
My number, I got missed call from +1202405888 to my number 9110361290 who call to me
7 days ago
239-285-04401 comment
Claims to be collier county police ,there is no collier county police only sheriff, and Naples police
8 days ago
305-842-22051 comment
spam !!!!!!!!!!!
8 days ago
803-845-21213 comments
A message was left on my phone by a female voice who said that there were four charges against me, and was told that if I didn't call back ASAP legal action would be taken against me.
8 days ago
888-286-03231 comment
Message says I have unpaid debt and to call 888-286-0323 or visit Call came from 303-569 6722
8 days ago
803-845-21213 comments
Got a message from this number today. Claiming there was problem with my tax return. If don't take action within 24 hours, local cop would arrest me.
8 days ago
518-309-51261 comment
Claimed to be SAT testing materials business. Wanted CC info. before sending. Had SAT enrollment data - knew when my daughter is slated to take the test.
8 days ago
719-259-19281 comment
Rachel keeps calling about a loan without my phone ringing or caller ID showing up. Voicemail identified the number as 719 259-1928. And Rachel said...could return the call at 1 800 614-2397 or the number that "showed up on your phone." POS.
8 days ago
803-845-21213 comments
A message was left on my phone by a woman who said she represented enforcement agency. She said that there were four claims against me and if I didn't call ASAP action would be taken against me. She didn't leave her name or the name of the enforcement agency.
8 days ago
613-801-32001 comment
autobot call...was told to call revenue canada or else they would send the police with a warrant for me because of outstanding taxes...asked to dial 1 to speak to an operator...phy
9 days ago
202-857-98511 comment
US Treasury Phone Scam
9 days ago
832-514-38171 comment
Court Summons Scam
9 days ago
214-987-45672 comments
Greedy scammers like this tax cheat larry lacerte is what ruined America. 719 561 9441 this bloated IRS tax scammer should be in prison. If these greedy tax fraud scammers are determined to extract the last drop of blood, expect the victims to put up a fuss. And don't expect that fuss to be pretty. I'm not arguing for social war; I'm arguing for eating the greedy rich in this new civil war sup...
10 days ago
615-713-25921 comment
Called. Left no message. Must not be important . . . Further searches report no name associated with this number. Smells of a SCAM SCAM SCAM to me. Sure would be nice if someone could stop these JACKA$$ES!
11 days ago
651-346-06281 comment
I have received numerous calls from this number and when I call back there is no answer. I have tried blocking the number but it only lasts a day or two and they start again.
13 days ago
585-673-01261 comment
I had recently added Jackson chien leong on Facebook and he ask to chat in whatapp but after I added him he is not responsive hence, I suspect something is wrong.
13 days ago

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