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773-297-57801 comment
I have no problem with exposing you soliciting transsexual online for sex reporting you to the fullest . I have 100 percent proof . Pay me my one time small payment fee to fix this
about 5 hours ago
855-956-84251 comment
Told me my email had been hacked.
2 days ago
650-460-91491 comment
Yesterday I received a call from this one and it did not give me I want to know who is this number of time to answer it,
3 days ago
971-294-94291 comment
I don’t know the caller for +1 (971) 294-9429. I have received several calls as if I am a customer.
3 days ago
650-213-24411 comment
he books dates and does not show and makes no apology. indian. harassing escorts
4 days ago
240-244-95251 comment Scammer going by the name Christina Sawyer. Stolen pictures from bikini model Tiffany Watkins
4 days ago
248-699-55951 comment
This is GreenPath Financial Wellness, a nonprofit debt-assistance/consumer credit counseling service. They called me to follow up on my call to them about a month prior. Safe call.
5 days ago
516-259-34361 comment
Claimed they are with the US Treasury giving away 9700.00 in grant money, but you have to pay 200.00 to get it. First you speak to someone @ 1.914.240.2710 & then give another number to call.
6 days ago
450-506-03191 comment
This number calls at least 2 or 3 times week. I never answer it, but the caller ID tells me that it is a call from Numeris.
8 days ago
209-778-65421 comment
This caller called me at 6:30 am and woke me up from sound sleep. I didn't answer. 10/5/2018
9 days ago
236-888-39381 comment
This number is a part of a scam ring or scam artist that is using family relationships to extort money for gift cards or otherwise.
10 days ago
844-395-45551 comment
I received this call +18443954555 I don't know
10 days ago
812-301-72151 comment
Vehicle warranty extension scam. Approx 75 device pool / call center.
11 days ago
616-333-48341 comment
calls in this number of ending on 64 instead of 34
11 days ago
780-306-17261 comment
I love in BC. I received 2 missed calls from this number. When i called back a lady answered back we r from CRA. Give me your info so that i can pull you info i said no i will not then she gets irritated and said why i called her. I said i di not know that its CRA calling me. I disconnected the PHONE. Bloody Scammers.
12 days ago
510-671-37151 comment
I have been deluged with calls from this # . This morning 10/03/2018 I rcvd calls at 7:23 AM , 7;59AM, 8:40AM, 9:47AM AND 10:21AM. IT IS NOW 10:27am.
12 days ago
877-782-88703 comments
scam number
12 days ago
204-881-56861 comment
An unsolicited note was left in my mailbox, saying "I want to buy your house". The phone number 204.881.5686 and name Mike were provided as contact info for potential buyer. My house is not for sale.
12 days ago
706-666-54041 comment
Called twice after being ignored the first time. Still ignoring.
12 days ago
724-215-04331 comment
No idea who it is that called me but didn't recognize number so didn't answer it
14 days ago
313-879-00121 comment
Two calls today but no message.
16 days ago
212-244-93671 comment
Chinese language spam caller
16 days ago
707-666-70331 comment
Is this GE CAPITAL a legit company that loan money to people
16 days ago
442-212-00251 comment
this is the message IRS we have just received a notification regarding your tax filings from the headquarters, which will get expired in next 24 working hours. And once it get expired after that, you will be taken under custody by the local cops as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment. We would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this...
17 days ago
917-559-37471 comment
unsolicited caller, calls repeatedly
17 days ago
509-388-23161 comment
I get calls, but it don't leave message..and since there are scammers, I will never answer it..but they keep's annoying....
17 days ago
716-398-41231 comment
Got a call said I was going to be served by the Michigan district attorneys office...... It's a New York number ... SCAM
19 days ago
503-820-02671 comment
Calls but never leaves a message - Convergent collections - but comes up as Concord Locksmith or a Transmission company if Googled.
19 days ago
613-714-50981 comment
They called pretending they were the police
20 days ago
504-541-95931 comment
Receiving sexually explicit text from this number
20 days ago

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