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John22 May 2018

They want your cc number to lower your interest rate. It's a scam I have to ccs so why are they calling me. I recieve at least 6-10 calls a week from these ppl.

Stacie18 Jun 2018

I continued to receive calls from them. They were so persistent calling 3 times a day and never leaving voice mails. They had a accent and i didn't trust them. When they told me they wanted to lower my credit card percent i asked them what one and they just said all capital one and bank of america cards. They couldn't give me any info on my accounts and wanted me to give them the info. It got to the point i told them my ex husband paid on all the credit card debt per our divorce agreement and i wouldn't want to make it easier on him. They didn't know what to say and ended the call.
Caller: 877-847-2911

Cylver30 Aug 2018

i got a call from "Brea" today talking about how i could buy a life alert system for my mother since shes "old" gave her all the wrong information for a laugh! got a call from a guy with an accent as well and he wanted to lower my credit card interest and after i told him all the wrong information he told me to stick my card up my a** and pu***!
Caller: Brea and (Guy with thick accent)

aj14 Nov 2018

I too got a call from this number asking the credit card number to lower the interest rate. they wanted to get more information on all the credit cards., which sounded a little pushy and unwanted. I cut the call immediately.
Caller: 877-847-2911

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