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B. Corder17 Jul 2018

a family friend of mine one who is not a blood relative continues to receive phone calls from this number18442160939 with in regards to me and saying that I have some legal issue to resolve. the law does not call people on their phones. If the law has a problem with you they come to your house with a warrant. any phone call you received wanting payment for fines or or to solicit you over the phone for a legal matter is scam. it is a scam it is fraudulent.. this is a great example of illegal phone solicitation!!
Caller: 1(844)216-0939

A. Tupe20 Jul 2018

Same thing happened to me. I didnt answer but they texted and harrased my sister that she needs to call because i had filed a case against her. N then i called the number and they told me no it was a case against me. They threatened to have police arrest me at my work and home for nonpayment. Did you pay? Im scared.
Caller: 18442160939

Austin01 Aug 2018

I having the same issue they keep calling from a local number and telling me if I don't call 844-421-0939 that they are going to come to my house and my job to locate me. They don't leave a company name or anything other then telling me that I have a case against me and giving me a case number. I don't know if it is legitimate or not. I have been ignoring the calls, so far no one has showed up at my work.

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