Let’s face it, many times telemarketers are hard to deal with since they might interrupt your day multiple times just to try and sell items to you via phone. Sure, they have the opportunity and ability to sell that stuff to you, but the reality is that there are laws which do restrict them to some extent.

We created a set of questions that will allow you to figure out if they are indeed breaking the law or not and that will certainly come in handy for you. The book named “How to Sue a Telemarketer“ outlines a few methods that will allow you to make some good money by catching telemarketers breaking the law. The best thing you can do is to write down or print these questions and have them near you at all times. Also, write down their reply too in order to see what they are stating based on your questions.

Usually, you will have to deal with 1 out of 2 situations:

• They will understand your intention of suing and they will get you out of the call list for good
• You can sue them and since most of them won’t want to fight in court, they will pay you for damages.

As you can see, it’s very important to know what you should ask the telemarketer, because the results can be great for you either way.

Without further ado, these 10 questions are:

  1. Is this really a telemarketing call?
  2. Can you please share your full name?
  3. What company are you representing, can I have its name?
  4. Can you share the company phone number so I can verify your identity?
  5. Is your company creating a list with phone numbers that shouldn’t be called?
  6. Can you add my phone number to the no-call list?
  7. Can you assure me that I won’t be disturbed ever again by your company, regardless the reason?
  8. For how much time does a company keep a phone number on the no-call list?
  9. Is there a do-not-call policy in your business?
  10. Could I have a copy of the do-not-call policy in case your company has one?

Ask these questions and rest assured that the telemarketer will fully understand that you are not interested in their offerings. Focus on asking these questions and rest assured that you will be on the winning side regardless of the outcome!

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